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means "gay" in Turkish
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
A fan of the Fenerbahce football team in Istanbul.
Sukru Saracoglu Stadium can hold 50,000 ibnes.
by 1905 December 01, 2004
Fag. faggot means in Turkish
Wassup fag ?
Naber ln ibne ?

Hey look at the faggots !
ibnelere bak !

You fucking faggot !!
siktigimin ibnesi

Fenerbahce supporters are all faggot
fenerbahce nin taraftarlari ibnedir

all faggots support fenerbahce
butun ibneler fenerbahceyi destekler
by Ser-G- November 03, 2007
used by idiot and pathetic fans of galatasaray sk to be satisfated
Bülent Korkmaz,Mondragon v.b.
by derq February 28, 2005