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"I agree with this/that statement." A sister version of its overused counterparts, iawtc and iawtp. It is often used on messageboards by little annoying whores trying to fit in with the 1337 internet scene.
"Joe Trohman is one hot MOFO."
"IAWTS!!!!11!111!1! LOlz"
by Trishyness June 25, 2007
MSN/l337 acronym for "I Agree With The/That" - Similar to IAWY(I agree with you)or IAWTS.
Often used on message board's or blog comments when responding to something they agree with.
Dude1: Omg Sarah read dis article ere it sux majorly!
Sarah: IAWT 1st point though. But teh rest is craaapp!!1!!
Dude1: Lulz I reckon!!11!one!1
by b0o August 25, 2007
1) is an abbreviation of "In Arsene We Trust" - a phrase coined by Arsenal supporters on the faiths they showed on manager Arsene Wenger.
Q: "Would Arsenal end their 5 year title drought"
A: "Definitely. IAWT"
by benskp April 12, 2011

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