Itchy Ass Syndrome;

Chronic itchiness of the buttocks/rectum area. Does not include lower back. Usually only lasts for one day, but can persist for longer. If symptoms last for more than a week, consult a doctor.
"Man, I've got a serious case of IAS - I need to get out of here so I can scratch it"
by Brad Arnold May 15, 2008
Top Definition
In all seriousness. For when you post something that's completely stupid, and you want to change the note to a serious one.
This thread is epic.
But IAS, never post again. Ever.
by SpammyMcSquirrel July 27, 2008
In A Second.
When you are busy doing something and someone asks you to do something and you know you aer never going to do it use this term and hope they forget about it.
Kevin: Can you look after the kids.
Brittney:IAS *drives away*
by Kandylicious March 06, 2008
I Am Smiling
For when lol, hehe, haha etc are too much and something has simply made you smile.

IAS Dude that video was so good!
by Frank Saget March 23, 2011
Internet Anonymity Syndrome

The effect that anonymity has on some people while online, that causes them to behave like total assholes.
Wow, man, calm down, you must be suffering from serious IAS!
by sunnydave December 19, 2010
International Asshole Society
I can't believe she stole my dog... she must be the IAS bitch queen.
by Will de Lartigue July 06, 2007
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