Ian the Christmas Monkey
Ian the Christmas Monkey. Father Christmas is a relatively new addition to Finnish folklore. Until the late 70's Finnish children believed that their presents were left by Ian the Christmas Monkey.
Upon waking on Christmas morning, the children would grab their bulging stockings and rush out into the snow filled lanes, dancing round and chanting at the tops of their voices, (in Finnish, of course!): "We welcome you oh hallowed Ian, bring us gifts you furry rascal." Over and over. After an hour of almost trance inducing celebration, they would sit in a clearing to compare gifts, and make fun of the children who got crap presents because their parents were poor. Then they would be called in for breakfast.
The tradition Finnish Christmas breakfast would consist of vodka and a crude porridge made not with milk, but semen milked from the family hunting dogs.
Child: Father, shall we be visited by Ian the Christmas Monkey tomorrow, as I am hoping for an x-box.
Father: Silence child, I am milking the dogs; pass me a tissue!
by david mckay February 16, 2007
Jessica: Gosh, Why aren't you ticklish??

Daniel: It's Ian. It's cuz he's awesome. He could stand in a battle field and not get hit at all and he'd just be standing there with his sunglasses on and say, "It's cuz I'm awesome."

Ian: It's cuz I'm awesome!
by Orca<3 November 06, 2010
Hot, sexy, cute, and an all around awesome guy. He is good at grinding, and plenty of other amazing things to rock a girls world.
I want to go over to Ian and have "fun"
by Sexyali May 04, 2011
Ian. A guy who is simply incredible. He's perfect. A simply amazing kisser. The best boyfriend in the world. He's sweet, and caring, and no matter what happens, what him or I do, I will always love him. With all my heart. He understands and is just the guy you would want, girls. But too bad, I'm his girl and he's my soulmate. He's taken <3
Ian: I love u babe
Me: I love you too <3
Ian: Love me forever?
Me: What else could I do in life? (:
by Ian'sGirl<33 August 08, 2011
Probably one of the greatest beings on the face of this earth, he is very quick witted and always knows how to make everyone laugh oh and also, hes a ginger.
Woah, that kid is such an Ian!
by @%$@&^%!$ August 31, 2008
A guy who everyone loves, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Someone who would give the shirt off his for you. Ian is amazingly talented! A guy worth crying for... Ian is is an amazing artist and songwriter. He is so nice that he would jump in front of a bus for you. It's a blessing to know someone like him. He has a great sence of humor and a laugh thats funnier than the joke:). He has a personality that make you melt on the inside. He makes you feel so special and indescribable it's crazy. ALL AROUND GREAT, AMAZING, AND AWESOME MAN YOU WILL EVER MEET!!! period.
Girl 1: hey who's that guy? He seems so sweet and nice i wish i knew him!
Girl 2: I dont know looks like an Ian to me...
by Ian's art buddy;D June 07, 2011
Sex position when the man inserts the nose into the womans vagina while holding a slab of meat (preferably beef) in the left hand and a star wars action figure in the right
'Do the Ian!'

by Ann T. Social November 03, 2008
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