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A place where the masses have lost free will....and have paid and succumbed to the media mass marketing of all things 'i'.
'i' have no idea as to what 'i' will do...ever....without the allmighty 'i' to tell me what is what.
iWorld is my God.
by amnesiavictim January 13, 2012
iWorld is a mystical place mainly because it can only be serviced by Mac Engineers without it voiding the warranty. iWorld is somewhere in the not too distant future if the Hipsters have their way where the worlds Mac products have used iTunes to merge into an omnipotent super being. Although there is no longer a choice of products on the plus side there are no Viruses a small trade off for humans only being able to experience the world through a series of retina displays, multi touch pads and click wheels.
How Apple would market it:

iWorld changes everything, again! With the new iWorld OS 4.1 living life has never been easier with millions of Apps, Your Retina, and Haptics all possible with multi tasking you need not experience the hassle of having a complex life again.
by DaftSteamPunk September 22, 2010

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