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The person in your group of friends who considers his/her musical taste superior to everyone else's and will always insist upon playing his/her own iPod even at uncalled for and innappropriate times. There is always at least one iPod douche at every party or gathering, and they will most certainly take out the iPod already playing and replace it with their own without asking anyone, and then continue to monopolize the music station for as long as they can get away with it. They have an intense need for others to recognize their collection of music as the best, most diverse, most underground, and/or most cutting edge of all the music out there. They seem to have no awareness of how annoying and antisocial they're being, or they are too overwhelmed by their desire for recognition to care.
Mark: "yo dude, where are your speakers? I found this great new hip hop band. They're mad underground so you don't know about them but they're really fresh..."

Jake (turns to other friends): "Shit, Mark's about to whip out the iPod douche on us. Prepare to bow to his supreme musical taste for the rest of the evening. We'll put our own shit back on when he finally fuckin leaves."
by ifuckinghatedouches August 05, 2010
12 1
An I pod douche is a person who likes to use and play other peoples' i pods or i phones just to beat their high scores on their games. An i pod douche usually informs the i pod owner and surrounding people (usually friends or family) of his achievement of beating the high score.
Bryce: "Hey I beat your high score!"
Eric: "Stop being such an i pod douche"
by 12345Big12345Brown12345 February 21, 2010
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