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Often used as an excuse for not texting back or hanging up the phone mid conversation because you don't want to talk to the other person.
I thought he liked me we really hit it off but every time i call him it disconnects, I think he iPhailed me. I've exhausted all options, time to turn lesbian.
by Umpa Loofa February 02, 2010
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Term used for any dropped call, unsent text message, or frozen application as a result of the disaster that is the iPhone and AT&T network.
Griff:"Damn, I can't get those naked pictures from Theresa because she has no service on her iPhone.''
John: ''What an epic iPhail. Wow, Miley Cyrus is coming to the Garden? We are there."
by Jersey Griff February 02, 2010
2. an iphone w/ a user who can not demonstrate proper usage of the phones many applications.
That chick is stupid, how can you not operate a iPhone? Epic iPhail! Go get a rotary, dumb broad.
by Umpa Loofa February 02, 2010

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