The electronic tampon (commonly referred to as an iPad) is a very crappy sanitary napkin for women with web browsing capabilities. The tampon should not be confused with a real computer, as computers actually have a keyboard, an x86 or x86_64 processor and upgradability.

The tampon is designed specifically for two kinds of women, poor ones and stupid ones. The poor ones buy the tampon because they cannot afford a real computer, the stupid ones buy the tampon because they either don't know how to use a real computer or mistake the tampon for a real computer.

The tampon is a plague among us and must be stopped. The tampon is taking away marketshare from real computers including Apple's Mac's. The tampon is destroying the computer industry and hurting software developers like myself who choose to develop for COMPUTERS, NOT TOYS.

The tampon does have one good use, as a woman's sanitary napkin.
Julian from Family Guy no doubt owns an iPad.
by iBoy2G October 05, 2012
If you compare it with Android tablets, then you will see iPad is a completely useless tablet computer that you can only play games with it.
A: Hey you got a Galaxy Note 10.1, I bet yours is not as smooth as my iPad 4

B: I have got real multitasking and a s-pen to ease print-screen, UI as smooth as iPad, how about yours?

A: ... Hell no, multitasking will slow your Note down, we don't need that anyway.

B: Android devices are ready for everything, yours is just ready for you to game on.
by HKwan March 30, 2013
An oversized iPhone used by placing it inside an oversized vaginas during that time of month.
Roanna: I just bought an iPad.

Alexis: Wow you must have a stretched out pussy. Have you been fucking massive cocks lately?
by Alexander the Rapist April 09, 2010
an Apple tablet that is intermediate in function between a smartphone and a laptop and that boasts such features as browsing, i-Tunes media, high-definition video, calendar, pics and telephone numbers. The device allows talking as on an i-phone, digital newspaper reading, and novel reading by virtually turning the pages as in an i-book. The device has a keyboard on its screen, which can be operated through a touchscreen facility. Alternatively, a separate keyboard may be attached to the device and such facilities as offered by mc-Book can be enjoyed. The device is available in 16, 32 and 60 GB.
Dude, he is strutting arrogantly nowadays. The reason? He has recently bought an i-pad.
by uttam maharjan January 29, 2010
An electronic reading device that can only be used by non-menopausal women. The device will only operate once a month for a period that coincides with a woman's period.
"Oh I just remembered it's that time of month - I better turn on my iPad."
by honkhiam April 22, 2010
What women in the IT department use when they are menstruating.
"Hey Stacy, do you have an iPad. I am having a heavy flow today."
by Jut36 April 07, 2010
The iPad is a revolutionary tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple, meant for internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Unlike many older tablets, it uses fingertips for input instead of a stylus. Released in April 2010, it introduced a class of devices between smartphones and laptops.
What is the revolutionary device that was released from Apple lately?

That would be the iPad!
by MatthewB123 May 01, 2010

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