The electronic tampon (commonly referred to as an iPad) is a very crappy sanitary napkin for women with web browsing capabilities. The tampon should not be confused with a real computer, as computers actually have a keyboard, an x86 or x86_64 processor and upgradability.

The tampon is designed specifically for two kinds of women, poor ones and stupid ones. The poor ones buy the tampon because they cannot afford a real computer, the stupid ones buy the tampon because they either don't know how to use a real computer or mistake the tampon for a real computer.

The tampon is a plague among us and must be stopped. The tampon is taking away marketshare from real computers including Apple's Mac's. The tampon is destroying the computer industry and hurting software developers like myself who choose to develop for COMPUTERS, NOT TOYS.

The tampon does have one good use, as a woman's sanitary napkin.
Julian from Family Guy no doubt owns an iPad.
by iBoy2G October 05, 2012
a GIANT iPod touch, that is less portable and costs about 3 times as much
Someone, "Can i see your iPod touch"
Someone else, "Its an iPad, you need some glasses, and no, i paid $499 for it,, you can't touch it"
by fadyg6 April 10, 2010
1. A very useless piece of shit, that is exactly like an ipod, but much larger and when used in public makes you look like a total asshole. Usually purchased on accident, and is used as a very large paper weight after about a week after purchase.

2. A feminine hygiene product. Like a tampon.
Person 1 : Dude you bought an iPad?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : On purpose?

Person 1 : Hey did you get those iPads for me?
Person 2 : Yep.
Person 1 : Thanks, I'll go use one now.
Person 2 : But your a guy...
by MindSpaz May 19, 2010
An entirely useless product for Apple to make a quick cash-in out of drooling iFanboys. It is a bulky, overpriced gadget that serves practically no purpose other than a waste of space and $840.
Steve Jobs: The iPad will revolutionize life as we know it! Not only does it have the advanced technology of the iPod Touch, but it's three times larger!

iFanboy: I think I stained my pants!

The typical College Confidential user: I got 5's on all 31 AP exams I've taken, 800 on every subject test, and a 2400 on my SAT. I'll buy one of these for use in whatever HYPSM school I decide to attend.

Christian Weston Chandler : (sigh) When my monthly tugboat comes in the mail, I'll buy one of these! I have all the Salvation Army clown shirts and microwavable mac and cheese to last a lifetime, so this is a good investment. This will give me an attractive boyfriend-free woman for sure!
by DoubleDare July 02, 2010

Apple's latest and greatest invention... a sanitary pad that also has the capability to serve as a wireless hotspot. It features ultra absorbency as well as WPA2 encryption for ultimate protection.
Example 1:
"With the iPad for once people WILL want to hang around you when you're PMS'ing."
-Women's Product Council of America

Example 2:
Guy #1: "Janet always havin' serious PMS around that time of the month. It sucks yo. She always yellin' at me an' shit."
Guy #2: "Yeah? Well my Leslie does too, but she uses the iPad so while she is yelling at me I just watch YouTube videos on my laptop."
by Beavis Comeavis January 28, 2010
An ipod for fat people
Ms. Jones gave a ipod to skinny Joe, but gave an ipad for Bob because he is obese.
by WorstCaseSenario April 12, 2010
An oversized Ipod Touch and Iphone wanna-be that unremarkably failed. Usefull for lots of things, like swatting flies, being a paperweight, chucking out the window... Impossible to carry around convieniently
John: OMG! You got the Ipad!! Can i feel it?
Bob: Sure
John: Wow! its really light!
Bob: Big Fucking deal. it's not like i can put it in my pocket...

Samantha: Hey! I see you got the Ipad!
Joe: What are you, blind? This ain't no ipad! it's my really big itouch!
by StudyHallHelp May 27, 2010
A general term for something that is expected to be great, but turns out to be a terrible.
'I really thought last night would be an awesome night out, but it was such an iPad'
'We broke up after she told me I was nothing but an iPad'
'The iPad announcement was a huge iPad'
by jc_sed8d March 01, 2010
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