Lazy way to say "aite", which is a lazy way to say "alright", which is a lazy way to reply back or stop a conversation. Really another example of how lazy people can be.
Lazy guy: wassup man?
Me: naw nothin much
Lazy guy: i8
Me: huh?
Lazy guy: it means aite
Me: huh?
Lazy Guy: never mind
Me: huh? cool man ima get high
Lazy Guy: i8
Me: yeah i loove u 2 man
Lazy Guy: uhhh...
by anonymonous-man March 18, 2005
Top Definition
it means ok , another word for alright , aight , mainly used for AIM Facebook and Myspace talk.
"umm what are you doing tomorrow" asked freddy , "umm going to a party" sebastian said "i8 that cool " said freddy
by freddy kicklighter October 19, 2008
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