Phrase used when acknowledging another's existence and/or point of view in a situation where they might be the minority
Girl A: Does anybody else have to sleep with a sheet, no matter how hot it is?
Boy A: No I totally don't understand.
Girl B: Don't worry, I see you.

Girl A: There are no other gay girls at this party except me and that girl over there. All I can think is, "Hey girl, I see you."
by Zoreh June 02, 2012
wltp seeing you or what is nasty on you !!!!

( originated in the orginization of wltp in 2004 )
used for eknowledging you yourself or for saying that we see what is nasty on you!!!!
if we see you we say it!!!!

sabrina & wltp

( wltp sees sabrina gomes then we say....)
I see you
by MELISSA ( PART OF THE WLTP ) December 09, 2004

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