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a phrase: means there is much love and chemistry between the two lovers.
guy: "i love you, do you love me?"
girl: "well i love you like 10th grade science class..."
guy: "huh, why 10th grade science class?"
girl: "there's so much chemistry."
guy "o-got it.well, I love you like 11th grade science class."
girl :"physics?"
guy: "ya, there's so much potential."
(guy and girl make out like 9th grade science class, biology-life or creating it)
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company June 04, 2005
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A phrase to show one's affection to another. 10th grade science class where i come from is CHEMISTRY. If the person that you tell this phrase to asks WHY? Just say "cause there's sooo much chemistry."
Friend 1: "I love you like 10th grade science class..."

Friend 2: "Why?"

Friend 1: "Cause there's sooo much chemistry!"
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