A phrase made popular on xbox-live by "Im Too Crazy". The phrase is used to either make everyone that is listening to you aware that you are irritated by what ever is going on. To be used properly, you must stress your voice and hold your nose. It can also become very annoying after awhile when everyone you know is saying it all the time.
"Im not gonna lie, this song sucks" or "Chris, Im not gonna lie, your pissing me off"
by A Guy Thats Not Gonna Lie March 08, 2009
I'm not gonna lie, this statement is the most overused phrase in probably every high school and and college.

The phrase is used when the speaker wants to inform the listeners that he/she is not lying. The phrase can be taken two different ways with the listener; A. The speaker could be lying, but he is just saying 'I'm not gonna lie' just so i don't suspect that he is in fact lying or B. The speaker is genuinely telling the truth.

If you are planning on using a catch phrase, I'm not gonna lie, if you use this phrase I will beat you with a stick.
A. *Talking to someone with a really ugly sweater* "I'm not gonna lie, your sweater looks really awesome."

B. *Talking to someone with some really awesome shoes* "I'm not gonna lie, you got some tight kicks."
by sffbeatpmles January 12, 2010
A saying Troy made up at Virginia Tech meaning he has to tell the truth but regrets it... It is spreading in popularity as we speak
I'm not gonna lie, but you are fat and ugly
by Troy April 20, 2004
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