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1. A phrase used at the end of a fragmented sentence; Usually as a threat or warning. Mostly used by blacks and ghetto whites.

also see: 'i wuz 'bout ta say'

2. A polite phrase to use after a motormouth has interrupted your statement once again.
1. Girl, I thought you called me ugly, I was about to say...

b. What he lookin at? Oh, he's blind? I was about to say...

c. Shoot, that man came up to me with that bullcrap like I wanted him. I was about to say...

d. Oooh, you got them new Jordans? Oh, no that's straight bootleg. I was about to say...

2. As I was about to say, children are severely affected by their single parents dating patterns.

b. I was about to say that I would give you half of the million, but since I now know you think I'm a greedy, selfish bitch, you can fuck the hell off... and take the kids.
by john August 24, 2004
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