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A phrase that developed on the RuneScape Item Discussion Forum back in December 2009. The phrase was started when the user HomerSympson created a thread asking users what they wanted for Christmas that year.

The first user responded with "i want u leg lol". The line was so random that everyone thought it was extremely funny. So a user named Oldcouch copied and responded with "i want u leg lol," then the user Proton responded with the same, and it continued for several pages before being locked by a forum moderator for spam.

Since that time, the phrase has been credited with the title of the first Item Discussion forum meme.

The correct use of the phrase is whenever a "want" applies to the conversation.

However, it can really be used whenever, especially when a topic is completely random or useless and the user has nothing to contribute.
HomeSympson: What do you guys want for Christmas this year?
Guy in red mask: I want u leg lol
Oldcouch: I want u leg lol
Proton: I want u leg lol
(continues for several pages)

IlikeDskirtnGranite32: Partyhats r overpriced n Jargex shuld make em be 2m so ppl like me can afford them.
Blc Fox: i want u leg lol
by ProtonRS November 25, 2010