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1. Catchy T-shirt slogan worn mostly by overweight people.
Ironic in usage.

2. Actual excuse given by overweight people, whether in honesty, lie, or sarcasm, for their weight.
"You want HOW many chicken wings?!"
"I beat anorexia!"
by AKi47 October 03, 2005
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phrase often quoted by fat people to explain their weight.

they now have t-shirts!

Sally: o_O are you really going to eat 27 big macs?

Joe: *chews*

Sally: you know how many calories those have...

Joe: i beat anorexia.

Sally: oh! well then... eat up! ^^
by Kohrtni-Lin October 02, 2005
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What people say when they have overcome a life threatening disorder; to do so is an amazing accomplishment which takes intense treatment, hard work, dedication, and a belief in true health. The phrase is one that should never be joked about, as many women die before they are able to say it.
It took years, but I beat anorexia. I feel like myself again.
by BrennaClaire November 17, 2005
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