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phrase first used on by member Emovi, a member whose first language is not english, in a thread referencing the beauty of one of the site's models (Katie). this occurred on April 1, 2004.

from this grew a 20+ page thread on SG involving many variations and alterred-to-fit images, spread to other web forums, spawned a music video, t-shirts & caps, etc.
original full phrase: "o god i am all the day with my cock up this girl make me so horny... i am the only one??"

some phrse variations:

in reference to Monty Python's Silly Walk sketch, "i am all the day with my walk up"

in reference to watching original Star Treks, "i am all the day with my spock up"

and so on.
by RumpusP April 23, 2004
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