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Describes a funny, confident and talented guy. Usually loves acting and singing. Has high goals to be famous.
Michael Crawford is a total hywel.
by Cwyn Fan Club June 21, 2007
One who smells of old wee - likes wearing cowboy outfits and dancing in public. Loves fashion and hair.
"I went to see my Nan in the nursing home last week - it smelt like a total Hywel"
by Maisie84 February 06, 2010
What's someone who legitimately accesses software and then breaks it because I don’t know what I'm doing & just guessing
The server is down!! Someone's done a Hywel
by allyoucaneatchinese December 10, 2010
Noun (metaphoric): a person who is mildly attractive, but was born with the unfortunate disadvantage of not having any shoulders.
Rosie: Do you think I should sleep with that guy?
Benj: NO! He's such a Hywel!
by derrick donaldson January 07, 2008
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