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What it usually sounds like when somebody pronounces hyperbole wrong. It's hi-per-bow-lee.
English Teacher: What do you call an exaggeration for effect?
Student 1: A hyperbowl!
English Teacher: ...
by Lexi (insert identifier here) January 19, 2012
1. When you are smoking weed/hash out of a bowl and its not enough, so you pack it full and punch the first bowl pack a new one and then punch it too, before blowing out the first one.

2. When you are so high before a english test/quiz/exam and to remember the word hyperbole you substitute it with hyper bowl
1. Man weed doesn't get me high anymore
Try a hyper bowl
'passes out'

2. What is that one thing on the exam we need to know for poetry.
or so like hyper bowl!

by NugCommander(Frodo) May 31, 2009