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Someone that sees someone wear something cool that everyone else wears, and that someone starts to wear what that person wears just because that person wore it and ride their cocks.;; Wearing sh/t just because other people wear the same thing and try to look cool.;;Alternate term for hypebeast is being an "Andre Apodaca".
Andre Apodaca:Duuude! you see the new crooks&castles shirt that i saw on the display and saw other people wear it?! I don't really like it much but it's starting to grow on me because other people wear and like it!

Perfectly example of a hypebeast^.
by FORKfed September 14, 2007
46 89
1. anyone that wears fila or associates themselves with gerard

2. One that takes a style, not because they like it, but because they want to impress other people

3. Spencer

4. Karina's Brother

5. People that perfectly match, try too hard to match, and copy other people's style, and be a hypocrite.
1. These all brown filas look nice. Can I have a ride home? hypebeast

2. Hey do these negro league dunks look cool?
-ok, ill buy them! along with this frilly pink shirt

3. Your getting shimizus.....I'm getting shimizus

4. I wear a polo because im fat

5. In brief, Spencer

by sneakerhead August 11, 2008
9 62
A person who owns things that are hyped up like some rare shoes and usally having the attributes of a beast.
Minh and I are hypebeast, we break faces... =)
by loose leef September 17, 2007
38 93
A person who follows a trend and buys what's popular and hyped up to date, also known as:

1. Fishscale
2. Listen to Ghostface
3. Hypebeast
Yo' Hypebeast ain't got nothin' on my exclusive DEADSTOCK SB dunk collection (PROCEEDS TO LICK HIS SHOES LIKE FAT JOE ON CRIBS).

Eww.. you're so Fishscale.
by Sole Collector March 22, 2007
73 137
Bitchasses that try to wear other peoples raiders hat.
1. Bitchass hypebeast stepped on my dunks.

2. I'm not afucking hypebeast.
by Andre Roberts April 04, 2008
8 82
A person who collects gear.
That hypebeast is fresh.
by Jevaughn September 29, 2007
26 101
a beast full of hype
dj marco got a some crack mixes. yea he is a hypebeast.
by DJhypebeazt June 11, 2007
30 129