Hype is a band of four talented musicians. From Los Gatos, California the band consists of Stephen Radabaugh (vocals and lead guitar), Chris Perry (vocals and guitar), JoJo Ventura (drums) and Chloe Bennie (bass).

Hype first started as a creation of Stephens mind. Wanting to make an album he went to friend Chris to help with his ideas and make them into reality. Soon later they asked Chloe and JoJo to join and HYPE was made.

They bring a breath of fresh air to the music industry combining many genres to make their own mash of pop punk/rock, alternative, indie rock and rock. Influenced from bands such as The Clash, Blink 182, The Who, and The Replacements. They bring edginess to the stage yet make their instruments sing with beautiful melodies and riffs. From songs like In The City to Off Base to Could Be Anything the band brings a diversity of an 'all killer no filler' band.

The combination of Perry and Radabaugh writing riffs and lyrics so catchy and, Venturas dumming skills as if he was born playing drums and Bennies simplistic bass style make for a perfect combination.
"I just went and watched Hype perform! It was totally hype!"
by hypefangirl April 27, 2013
when someone gets excited about something
Damn..you hype calm down homey.
by tmacafella July 17, 2003
A fad. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertized as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.
Millions of suckers fell for the hype and bought a Playstation 2
by AYB February 18, 2003
fun, rowdy, or wild
That party was hype!!
by Lil Mama January 25, 2004
To get extremely excited over something that's not that exciting ..
Jimmy- " OMG I got the job at mcdonalds yayayayayayaa!!!!!!!!! "
Amy- " hype.. "
by arsp41326 July 12, 2011
Wild and flashy valuing style over substance with a breakneck pace.
Often makes little sense upon analysis, instead taking refuge in audacity and emotions.
Popularized, but not invented, by Woolie of the Two Best Friends video group.
The hype skyrocketed when that giant robot spin kicked the volcano.
by Dozer Red March 06, 2014
a drug user who's method of administration is with a hypodermic needle, or syringe.
"is she a junkie?"

"yeah man...total hype. she's got hep c and aids from sharing needles"
by ktaln January 30, 2009
1. Very excited for something. This connotation requires that the word hype be followed by the word "for". Using "all" before the word hype accentuates the amount of excitement.

2. Very angry or upset at something. This connotation requires that the word hype be followed by the word "at." If neither "at" or "for" is used, the second definition is implied. Again, using "all" before the word hype accentuates the amount of anger.
1. "My dog Cookie was all hype for his walk because he had to pee."

2. "I was all hype.", or "I was all hype at my girlfriend for cheating on me."
by Brian and Tom January 11, 2006

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