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A membrane covering the opening of a virgins cunt.
If you fuck a virgin you will bust her hymen.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
What you would say when you walk up on a group of men...
"hymen, Is this the Kick the Ex-wife in the cunt club"?
by mavros April 11, 2006
Girl that sits next to me in band. Loves it when I put my hand on her knee. We often like to make fun of people, especially our asshat band director, together.
I love the way Hymen plays her Clarinet.
by harry pitts January 23, 2008
What my boyfriend just popped!
Oh oh uh uh I think you just uh uh you just uh yea yea you broke myyyY hYyyymen oh deeper, deeper....harder harder!!! ect.
by Victoria (Tori) July 02, 2003
What they sing in church!
I can't wait to sing some new hymens at church.
by ilovejesus69 February 03, 2009
Thin sometimes perforated membrane partially occluding vaginal canal in female that is torn either by a rusty fencepost or a retarded uncle and in rare cases the retarded uncle is wielding the rusty fencepost.
Mary sighed gratefully as she felt her hymen pop like a cherry tomato beneath a size 12 Frye boot as her maidenhead ripped asunder allowing millions of her uncle's scum-borne emissaries to enter what would many years later be endearingly referred to as "Mare's fetid stinkpit of a womb".
by ramazz777 January 10, 2005
1) I'm in; 2) Count me in.
One of my homeboys set up a fantasy football league and emailed us about it. I wrote back hymen fo sizzle.
by JaniH May 17, 2005