A greeting used on the internet; a variation of hey or hi.
Can be pronounced like either one.
person: hey, everyone
guy: hye person
#hey #hi #hello #goodbye #cya
by guo September 28, 2005
Top Definition
"armenian" in the armenian language...THE BEST LANGUAGE EVER BY THE BEST RACE
q: how do u say "armenian" in armenian
a: hye
by kickass armenian July 20, 2003

The word for Armenian in the Armenian language
"I'm hye"

I'm Armenian

I love being hye
#hi #armenian #hey #armenia #hyee
by hyechicita May 31, 2010
A mixture of the words "hell" and "yes."
Used as a term of approval or agreement. Kind of like a verbal thumbs-up.
Giant squid #1: Hey man, we should get hammered later.
Giant squid #2: Hyes!
#hell #yes #approval #agreement #squid
by -j. August 18, 2006
Haha dude Iam Armenia and I laughed at the chinks def.
That was funny.
Check it out asians cant get "hye" cause they have small dicks.
by T Diddy July 20, 2004
"pussy" in chinese
dui lei gor hye!
by ShadowXhawk September 05, 2003
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