The Bathmate Hydropump is so named because it uses water as the medium for creating a vacuum around the penis instead of air, which is the basis of all other pumps.

The hydrovacuum it creates around the penis makes for a solid & even vacuum - making for far more uniform and solid erections than are achieved using air-based methods.

Also, because water acts as a lubricant, there is no need to use messy gels and lubes when using Bathmate, as well as helping enhance hygiene.

Of great benefit, the Hydrotherapy aspect of the Bathmate, using water in a cyclic pumping action, makes for an excellent workout of the penile vascular (blood flow) system. This anatomical dynamic is known as hyperemia.

Therefore, the hydropump promotes penile health and increased sexual stamina and enjoyment, as well as boosting the size of the male organ.
Bathmate, penis pump, Hydropump
by Bathmate August 15, 2012
Top Definition
A very powerful water type move but commonly misses and angers the user.
Trainer: Blastoise use hydro pump!!!
*the move misses*
Trainer: Arghh Fucking turtle!
by omginbd May 28, 2008
When a male receives fellatio from a female who has her mouth filled with icy cold water.
"Dude, Sarah fully gave me a hydropump last night...I mean, it felt cool, but my dick shrivilled like a sundried prune..."
by Heckles June 26, 2007
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