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When your girl is orally pleasuring you with so much suction it feels like you could burst the skin of your penis, she is hydraulicking you.
"Man, I had to wrap gauze around my little man after the hydraulicking Barbara gave me last night!"
by archemedes_rex December 28, 2007
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What you will be doing when you lick a mythical dragon with many heads!
I was going to go to ren-fest, but then I got distracted hydraulicking
by Dickalan December 28, 2007
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1) A mining operation that uses high-pressure water to break rock.

2) Performing oral sex on your partner with so much suction he/she yells in pain.
Aaaaaaahhhh!! Quit it with the hydraulicking, babe! My skin's gonna come off!
by archemedes_rex December 28, 2007
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