The Hyde Park Cowboys is a pop warner football team in the town of hyde park in boston, MA. This is where the minority is white kids, and trash talk is apart of the game. HPC is known to beat down the competition physically in the old days when it was a regular appearance for them to go to the state championships. However, most of them now are likely to end up in jail, or in and out of jail, dealing, or probably not in college.
kid1: Hey, where's those Hyde Park Cowboys kids now?
kid2: I thought half were in jail, and the other half dealing drugs.
kid1: oh right,I forot.
by The Captain of the A team, tp January 13, 2007
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The objective of the organization shall be to teach the youth of our organization the basics of football, cheerleading, teamwork and to firmly implant the ideas of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and integrity. It is the belief of this organization that these young athletes, through their participation in the sport of football and cheerleading, will develop the qualities of leadership, responsibility and self-respect. It is these qualities we hope will contribute to their personal growth as well as the growth of the communities that we represent .
hyde park cowboys is an organization for youths ages 7-15 to teach and play football/cheerleading
by The President of HPPW March 27, 2007

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