H.W.A or Hammers with attitude -a small outfit with a real heavy rep situated in Marton in Engadine,Sutherland Shire They operate out of Marton Oval or Kings'y

Caution:A force not to be rekond with!
Hey Man Are you gangsta are you H.W.A
by War Cheif Purvis March 04, 2007
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A person who can be recognized as a nerd or loser before saying a single word

The word can be used as an exclamation to alert others that a person approaching or nearby is a loser without saying so.

The exclamation can be used to point out when someone, a friend or not, has said something corny or not funny.
Most hwas in high school aspire to attend Carnegie Mellon University.

Jon Ng: Hey Guys! I have a pet corgi!
by Hwaranya Maruuuuu September 28, 2006
An inner sense of confidence and attractiveness that manifests itself externally.
My hwa is totally flying at half-mast. None of the ladies have been checking me out today.
by Luddoo July 21, 2005
Hoes with Attitude, a group that emerged after NWA blew up
HWA was a rip-off of NWA, obviously, but was still signed to Eazy E's Ruthless Records
by Lil' Pimpin' June 12, 2006
a form of "what"; an exclamation.
girl: i'm pregnant... with ur baby
boy: HWA?!?!?!?
by jenny September 27, 2003

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