another absolute star and never fails to make me laugh and smile, he has a heart of gold and never fails to make to make everyone smile, one of the best mates anyone could have. we all love ya babes.
his farts stink like fcuk too :p
by Lottie March 18, 2004
Top Definition
A drunken dispenser of love and sandwiches
I was over at Huw's last night and I never left because he chewed my thighs off.
by Kiru October 31, 2003
A bit of a legend. a complete dork though. Once you have one in your life DO NOT let him go. If you are lucky enough to be the apple of his eye you are in for a treat. A huw is very proud of his stomping grounds. he has been through a lot of bullshit in his life but he is still amazing. Basically, an all-over god.

Also, he has amazing taste in music.
Person 1: So, i heard Huw likes you?

Person 2: Yeah, I'm friggin' lucky!
by fkjhvjkhvkdfhkd October 09, 2011
The fittest welshman to grace the Earth. Huw's tend to have a fit mum
'Sian why have you made a baby that is sexier than your hot frame?'
by Huw Margetts December 18, 2004
A term used for someone who takes a day off work or school because they havent finished a task or they have a test that day.

To pull a huw is to take a day off for the same reason
guy: hey whens that chemistry assignment due?
me: tommorow
guy: damnit! i might have to pull a huw for this one
me: god damn pansy!
by matthew man September 02, 2007
The most handsome man in year 12.
Hey! You sass that hoop Huw!
by Huw! January 02, 2005
plaster hand man
man that wears plaster on left hand for over 4 months
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