A hustler is a person who works freelance for themselves to make fast money however they can. A hustler's work is usually dishonest and/or illegal. A hustler's work requires the sleight of hand and deceptive skill. A hustler is clever, cunning, smart and quick-witted. A hustler always wins.
Person A: I paid the dude in the 7-11 parking lot $20 for this sack, but I didn't take it out to check on it 'cuz that shit woulda been sketechy...look at this.

Person B: Aw shit, there ain't nothing but cat litter and pocket lint in there. Damn son, you got hustled.

Person A: Hustler.
by Willay Will April 10, 2006
A conman who makes money in dishonest ways, by tricking , diverting and misinforming.

The more scrupulous hustlers are commonly know as bankers, stock traders or politicians, but their traits are identical.
"Damn, did you hear about John? He borrowed some fantasy money that didn't exist from a bunch of hustlers, and now he'll have to spend 30 years working to pay them back with real money."
by The Real Gentleman February 04, 2016
Besides being somebody that tricks someone for their benefit, it is also a male homosexual prostitute. true story.
The dude went downtown lookin for a hustler for a quick BJ
by Andy00 October 19, 2006
A hustler is an escort boy. Hustlers sell their bodies for money like prostitutes.
what's different between a hustler and a casual prostitute is that a hustler is from a higher rank, he's a kind of "luxury-prostitute". he's independant most of the time, and don't have to share his "wages" with a pimp.
Sometimes he could work in a very renowned escort service.
he barly walks the streets, and he often has the possibility of choosing his customers for he's pretty rich since he asks for high fee. it can be 600 dollars and can reach 2000 dollars in average but for the "best" they can earn 7000 dollars for only one sex-night with only one single customer.
Hustlers take great care of their body. (do sports, eat well). Most of hustlers are passive, but some are versatile.
hustlers are very common in japan, where homosexuality is deeply rooted in mindset. but because of western culture homosexuality is being more and more a hidden social stigma.
in japan male prostitutes are called "host" (pronounce "hosto" in japanese.)

(sorry for my spelling)
This hot twink you can see over there is a hustler. he offers his services only for men.
Besides, I don't think you could afford him.
by Rubie March 29, 2008
1. n. a male prostitute, usually services homosexual men. 2. n. a person that manipulates others to his benefit.
1. He picked up a hustler for a quick blow job.
by reptiles October 04, 2002
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