1. A pussy hustler
That girl on the corner is such a hussy.
by Chaump March 12, 2009
a metal canister that is placed under the blankets of a bed to make it warm, also used to describe a whore or slut... ect.
that hussy could warm my bed anytime. (haha)
by tristan March 27, 2005
A label some of us wear with pride, because we're gettin' ours!
I was such a hussy last week, I hooked up four times.
by deelow August 31, 2006
a female who won't do anything in bed, but will tease the male to an extent
She's such a hussy.
by arielle August 01, 2003
Woman with hanging fat that hides her vagina hole.
- I Tried to have sex with this girl last week but she was a hussy and i couldnt find her hole!
by Pussydudu February 06, 2007
A chick who does everything you say..
That bitch does all my work.. and lets me prok her whenever i want.
by robbie September 30, 2003

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