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form-fitting white ribbed tank top also known as a wife beater, but worn by females.
Girl 1: i went to target the other day and bought a 3-pack of husband beaters!
Girl 2: omg! give me one!
by goober412893729138 April 01, 2006
wearing no clothes at all; going naked; the birthday suit; ultimate slutasticness
hey i just took a shower and now I'm in my husband beater.
by mb1993 January 07, 2011
a wife beater that is somehow extremely homosexual because of design, color, or even personality of the wearer.
That kid is wearing a bright pink husband beater
by currybomb July 18, 2010
exactly the same as a normal ribbed wifebeater tank top only worn by a girl. usually a bit more stylish than wifebeaters actually due to the fact that girls usually wear different colors(black,yellow,pink,green) rather than just plain white and could also be found at zumiez or other female skate clothes shops with various brand logos for a jacked up price.

actually 10x better than wifebeaters when worn by chicks that are stacked. fucking HOT!!..
i always had stiffies for the stacked girls in my school that wore husband beater(s)..
by y2c January 13, 2011
A wife beater worn by a gay man.
Guy one: I think Adam lambert is wearing a wife beater
guy two: more like Husband Beater
by Dhiggz May 14, 2010
A woman that, instead recieves beatings from her husband during arguements, beats the husband in anger. This is most often seen in drunks or woman that are dominant in the relationship.
*Middle of the night*
"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ow! Stop!"

Neighbour: "WTF is that noise?"
Neighbour: "Ohh I think Louise is beating Ernie up again. Damn drunkards!"

by Rell July 31, 2005
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