Top Definition
an very ugly dirty or stankin ass person
get yo hurtin ass out of here
by tashay December 17, 2005
Someone who is down on their luck, Also Means Poor, Homely, Dirty and all around sad
Ashly you better get your Hurtin Ass on.
Man, Daleesha sure is Hurtin.
Fuck these dirty Hurtin ass hoes
by Trap Or Die November 03, 2005
Hurtin Ass means you have a sore arse
When I was a small boy I visited Co. Donegal for a holiday with my Mother, Father and young sister. We went for a walk one day and met a donkey. My father to me not to go near it but being a wilful child I ignored his good advice and walked round the back of the donkey. I turned to look at my parents and the animal lashed out with his back feet. I had a Hurtin Ass for the next few days.
by St. Ias November 04, 2005
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