to stir up a sperm storm, popular game played by middle school guys and Justin Bieber
i enjoy playing Hurricane at boy scout camp.
hurricane is a family fun game.
by darthsirex February 21, 2011
When you fill up a neighbors trashcan with water and lean it against their door. You proceed to ring the door bell and run. When they open the door they get pounded by the HURRICANE.
My neighbors really piss me off, maybe i will have to give them a hurricane.
by John from WLC June 09, 2009
When two girls get off so that they squirt with streams crisscrossing each other. A guy stands on a chair above them and gets off so he jizzes onto of them. The hotness of the girls on the bottom, combined with high pressure, meets the cold and low pressure raining down, creating a vortex of body fluids.
Last night, Hurricane Katrina-Karen-Joe tore up my house. Cleaning up is gonna be a bitch
by Tall Pan November 22, 2010
A sex term. When a girl is on her knees in front of a fan at THE highest speed. When the man jerks off behind till he cums/jizz. And the wind from the fan blows into the girls face.
Bob- Bro, how did susan go last nite... what you do?

Gary- Dude i hurricaned her so bad. It was all over her face, it even hit the top of the roof.
by MOIHBE<3 July 10, 2011
A hurricane is an extremely sweet alcoholic drink made from lime juice, passion fruit syrup and rum. It is one of the most popular drinks among tourists and locals alike in New Orleans.
"Give me a hurricane "on the rocks"."
by James from Seabrook July 10, 2008
To hit fast and hard and leave everyone unsatisfied

(in simpler terms, to not last long during sex).
sleeping with him was a bad idea. I got hurricaned!
by ineedahs May 10, 2011
Walking in a (usually public) restroom, zipping down your fly and just letting loose all over the place. Whipping your wiener around like you are a cop spraying hippies with a fire hose. The goal is to leave the bathroom looking like a hurricane hit it. And it did. Thanks to you.
The store clerk was a dick, so I went in the bathroom to hurricane it.
by Gorgitron June 15, 2010

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