Hiccup burps, some people when they hiccups, burp instead of hick-uping. Combining the two you get 'the hurps', the hurps often causes pain in the throatmuscles.
Dude1: Man i got the hurps so bad Dude2: You got herpes? Dude1: Hiccup burps, not herpes you deadshit
by Centerlink April 30, 2011
Top Definition
A hiccup and a burp at the same time.
Sorry I just hurped. That was me, not a frog dying.
by Ae5Ea8 February 13, 2015
the proper reaction to a completely unfunny joke.
"Hey guys, when you're driving, you better be CAR-ful."
by HurpMaster October 31, 2011
the result of a hiccup/burp combo.
Yo son, I drank that natty ice so quickly I hurped like 10 times.
by P Thuggy January 18, 2008
The act of hiccuping while talking, resulting in an embarrasing attempt to hold it inside your chest, though that never works and you are left with a strange 'Hu-URP' noise.
"Jane, I like your-Hurp!"
by Emma Wilson June 21, 2005

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