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To hupp (verb); To sever all contacts with a current romantic interest without any prior warning, conversation or foreshadowing of the sudden severance.

A hupper generally lacks emotional maturity, is a douchebag, and has narcissistic personality disorder. The motivation for the act is by definition unknown.

The suspected reasons for hupping include the following: sudden loss of interest, fear of commitment, development of new romantic interest, a hectic lifestyle that leaves no time or room for romance, loss of forms of contact (mainly cell phones), amnesia, and/or death.
Bryan: Are you going to hupp her?
Annie: Omg, Jen, did you just get hupped?

Brenda: I can’t believe I got hupped by that bastard!
by a hupped girl's coworker June 15, 2010
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a.k.a. "the professor" Pelio Rojo kid who could also kick rances a. is not racist, but is biast toward southerners. Hates trucks and would rather drive pansy flower sedans around baltimore.

LOVES band and pleases D.C. by tooting a beautiful melody on his clarinet.

Is one of four people in the 10th grade that is halfway decent at frisbee

(contrary to rance's belief he is not a frisbee badass)
"hey!, Hupp, ding a ling a ling your hairs on fire"

-its a communism thing
by The Triumvirate May 31, 2004

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