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Literally, hundreds. Commonly used to denote "many".
There was hunners o' polis efter us, but Ah gied thum tha slip, ken! (Many police officers attempted to apprehend me but I was able to elude them.)
by RadgeBadger October 23, 2008
hunner is another word for hundred used most commonly in glasgow but can be found to be used anywhere
ive got a hunner pound
by HIBEE December 18, 2005
many, a lot. From a buchery of the word 'hundreds'.

(Chiefly Scottish)
Fancy going skiing today? There's hunners o' snow!
by greegores January 04, 2011
A heterogenous mixture of menstrual blood and semen. It can be prepared whilst inserted into the vagina, or in a beaker, commonly used by scientists.
John: That girl I slept with last night was on her period.
Billy: Oh did you make her drink hunner?!
John: Yea she drank a whole cup!
by Zwicker May 28, 2014

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