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originally started by Homer Simpson, a term stating that you are hungry. Pronounced hungee, not hunjee. Used when you are drunk or intoxificated beyond the point where you can speak correctly.
me hungy, murder knife food me mouth hungy stomach eat self hungy...HUNGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
by Al Denso May 27, 2005
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hungy: adjective, indicates an intense desire for food or nourishment
Spenser had not eaten all day and because of that he was very hungy.
by hungyman August 31, 2010
To be hungry. Common word of the Ghoulish click.
"Let's eat, me so hungies."
by K. Mhettos October 17, 2004
1.) Hungry to the point of cannibalistic cravings.
2.) Desire to eat fish tacos.

Comes from being so hungry that you cannot logically type or pronounce the word... you also end us saying "hungy" whenever you are muff diving.
at one point i go so hungy i decided i would hunt down all those damned middle schoolers and eat them
by Dip November 07, 2004
Hungy, Very Hungry often for a favourite food
Hungy......"I'm Hungy!" A well worn phrase of the Thai night lady. Often the first thing she will say on leaving her bar with a customer, and often couched as a question "You Hungy?". And several hours can happily be spent watching her eat. Of course its her delightful accent that makes her say 'Hungy' rather than 'Hungry' and its practicly a catch phrase. Many ladies can only snak while they work very long shifts dancing etc. in 'a go go' bars. So they do become "Very,very HUNGY!" (for more Pappaya Salad normally).
by Buddha Fon May 17, 2006
The urge to have sex. Horney
My girl been gone for a couple days, I cant wait till she get back cause Me HUNGY!!
by Big Jucee September 17, 2006

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