When a persons lower clothing rises up into their bum crack.
Friend 1: Look at that bird's arse.
Friend 2: Haha! Hungry bum
by Mohammadou Booboo May 13, 2008
When the underpants you are wearing are riding up your backside and therefore being "eaten"
"Man I have a terminal case of hungry bum" she said as she dug her underpants out of her bum
by nuttybar June 05, 2007
Hungry bum, is a state that your bum goes into. Essentially, it is when one's ass hole tries to swallow that person's undergarments. This state can aslo happen (in some cases) where there is execcive bum hair. The ass hole attemps to devour the hair.
<dude> holy shit man
<man> WHAT!!!
<dude> That milf over there has got a hungry bum eating her whole fuckin bathing suit!!!
by G-Unit and Playa<k> March 23, 2005
A person who has more clothes up there bum than posh spice has in her wardrobe, a Arse muncher, his pants cost him £5 but hes got £4.50's worth up his arse
James 'Hungry Bum' Makowane is the Current European Champion of Arse munching, he won his title in Belguim Nov 11th 2007, he ate (his arse ate) 3 pairs of trousers and 6 pairs of boxer shorts!!!!!
by Dave Liverpool No1 January 28, 2008

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