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A sexual act that takes place between a man and woman (or a man and man.. cuz balls are involved and 2 women wouldnt work cuz they dont have them.)
Step 1: place 2 bread bits between the balls and the penis.
Step 2: the partner makes pigeon noises/ flaps wings, etc. as a mating dance.
Step 3: Partner nibbles at the bread while continuing to exhibit pigeon-like qualities.
Step 4: as bread/balls partner cums, it lands on the head of the nibbler, just like pigeon poop.
Step 5: Both partners dance the night away to conclude the action, while still exhibiting pigeon-like qualities.
Oh, last night was crazy. My boyfriend and I did the hungry pigeon three times, says I.
by THE SHIT IS MINE November 13, 2006

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