When a males genitalia is approximately the size of a hamster aka. very small. When said to girls on the street in a heckling manner this term will lead to laughter and chicks love doing it with funny guys.

Dude 1: Hey ladies, I'm Hung Like a Hamster!!!
Girl 1: Haha!, LOL!, ROFL! lets do it!

Tip: This term is most effective when said in some sort of sequence with "Hey ladies, I have good game!" See: I Have Good Game here on Urban Dictionary for more details.

Dude 1: Hey ladies, I'm Hung Like a Hamster!!!
Girl 1: Thats neat.
Dude 1: No seriously, I have good game!
Girl 1: Haha!, LOL!, ROFL! lets do it!
by Coolguy172 June 23, 2006
Top Definition
Slang for having a below average sized penis. Became "famous" by Brad Pitt admitting he was hung like a hamster.
Bradd Pitt said (after being asked if he thought he represented the perfect male specimen): “I don’t know if that’s true — I’m hung like a hamster.”
by flake May 05, 2004
Although most people think "hung like a hamster" means having a small penis, it actually means you have a large one, because hamsters penis' are nearly touching the ground when you say you are hung like a hamster you are saying your dick almost touches the ground.
Person 1: Man, I'm Hung Like a Hamster.
Person 2: So you have a small penis?
Person 1: Nah man it's a centimeter from the ground!
by Thecorrectdefine-r April 23, 2011
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