A slang that originated in Surrey, BC, Canada. Means that your absolutely willing to engage or participate.
You wanna go to the party tomorrow night? Hundy. or Would you give that girl your phone number? Hundy
by pmjack December 27, 2011
Top Definition
slang for $100
I just dropped a hundy on a few burner since my old one crapped out on me.
by ricky roma November 18, 2003
100 of anything (lbs., dollars, percent, etc.)
That girl was at least a 4-hundy.
I heard Yamser got a hundy on that test.
by the birdman April 15, 2004
100% / for sure / straight up
Are you going to the party

by oh hey bitch September 06, 2010
When someone gives a hundred percent when doing something. like HARD OUT
if your mates misses was hardout nagging him about something you would say:

Fuck his misses is going HUNDY on him.

or if someone goes crazy in a fight you would say:

He was going Hundy
by Iroamer November 18, 2008
Short for one hundred percent.
Was it you who stole my milk?
No I swear, hundy.
by NewJaeger March 02, 2015
a word, used by children, who can't say "hundred"
I want five hundies of those candies
by SirFarley November 25, 2010
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