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a very magical patch of land where stuffed animals come to life and play with a very courious young boy
christopher robin went on an adventure through the hundred acre wood all day. But got lost in the tall unkept grass and huge bushes
by josh dickwillow March 13, 2008
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outdoor anal sex, slang ,used predominantly in SW Washington
Jasmyn: So he stuck it in your ass? In a meadow?

Hilary: Yeah, he went all hundred acre wood on me.
by Tomatojuice July 23, 2008
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the forestry area surrounding the turd cutter, a place where pooh lives.
I would never that logger into my hundred acre woods.
by Dayvid Crook June 20, 2010
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The penis belonging to the only man with Anal Vagina Herpes.
Aaron was really hungering for the Hundred Acre Wood.
by Andrew W Grohl June 14, 2012
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He knew not to enter the Hundred Acre Woods because poo lives there.
by donkeyshane June 21, 2010
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