A proud protestant or a German. A rangers supporter that will always love his country.

Not a fond lover of catholic's. as he would say "fenian"
Fenian: What are you lookin at hun.
Hun: Go back and spend ur euros u dirty fenian.
by vodman October 26, 2007
bitch. or a demaining way to adress another human.
are you all set hun?
by joeski March 09, 2004
a protestant from Northern Ireland, usually more educated than the average taig and normally aren't as millyish.
Support Rangers, Hate Celtic, Usually broad minded, Prod Schools are normally better.
King William of Orange 1690, Protestant and the Pope even new he was the better candidate.
12th of July, get to Belfast Fucking Class
Aye all those Huns go round Belfast having a class time on the 12th
by wee mee =D January 06, 2008
The word used to describe me and my number one love, Marc. We are hun. There are only 3 huns in the world. Me, Marc and us.
You're my one and only hun, hun!
by Amanda the Miracle Hun November 18, 2004
a hun is a true supporter of champions that is the all time champions of the team with the most league titles in footballing history, glasgow rangers.
rangers f.c have proved time and time again why they are the best in the world you only have to look at their history to see why we are simply the best.
there dirty unwashed, inbred, proving child abusing enemys
are called celtic (the tims, see big jock knew for more details.) they started of as a charity with no real passion for football and ended up dragging the name of scottish football through the dirt. no surrender to the tattie munchers celtic, abusing kids since 1888.
im a hun and im proud
your a tim and ashamed to be

cant help the way your brought up i suppose
by jammbo October 15, 2007
German sympathisers from Republic of ireland.
Supporter of Glasgow Septic, one of the Great Unwashed. With no means to buy other clothes.
by Finaber O'squeal August 11, 2005
Used by Celtic supporters (see fenian) to describe fans of the best team there will ever be in Scotland.
Rangers fan: You are a fenian! A dirty fenian!
Celtic fan: You hun!
by Rangers fan March 20, 2005
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