Ancestors of people that now live in Europe, mainly located in the present-day region of Hungary.
The Hungarian people are simply christianized Huns, even though they don't wanna hear about it!
by edrocket December 17, 2014
An Extremely Fat and obnoxious person who frequents all you can eat establishments
That Hun over there smells like roting cheese filled Gummi worms.
by fartsock January 31, 2008
Hoes Under Notice If u see a hot chick at a club whisper to a freind H.U.N And nod to her general direction
Yoo dude HUN -Nods to sexy girl at the bar
by Ginath August 19, 2011
The most gayest word that girls ever call their other mates and other random people. Its a fuckin annoyin word to say the least
Mary - Hey hun

Ollie - Dont patronise me, bitch
by Oliver the Great November 16, 2006
short for the word hundred's
"Do somethang that ain't never been done and we can spend hun's" -Ice Cube
by Kristin123456 May 13, 2008
a pejorative term used to describe persons of a Germanic, Northern Germanic, or of Scandanavian descent; A racial slur toward caucasian persons.
Check out the Hun trying to be all ghetto fab and gangsta!
by TheSwedeYa January 06, 2010
A term often mistakenly used to describe supporters of Rangers Football Club in Scotland. In actual fact, the term was originally, and until fairly recently used in relation to their city rivals, Celtc Football Club. This reference came about as a result of the club and many of it's fans expressing sympathy with the Nazi regime during World War II, even going so far as to fly the Nazi swastika flag over their home ground, Porkheid. This original meaning has been diluted over time, and being world renowned for stealing the ideas of others, Celtc Football Club adopted the term in reference to their rivals Rangers.
Brendan: "Stupid Hun B*stard!"
Wullie: "If you know your history, you thick rattler!"
by jsiss July 28, 2010

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