What the Quizno's spongemonkeys say they are not. They do barbaric act such as eating raw, non-toasted subs.
"They are so good, we'd eat them raw, but eating raw subs is barbaric. We are not the huns!!!!!!"
by nitz April 22, 2005
short for honey/girl
i took my hun to the movies
by gang May 22, 2005
A friendly way to call someone. Doesn't have to be specifically romantic in nature, just a caring, kind way of calling someone.
Hey hun, how are you doing?
Congrats on that new job, hun!
by nenawoot September 01, 2010
A word that is used as an abbreviation for "Honey".
Short for "Honey".
"Oh emm gee, my boyfriend broke up with me! I need advice!"
"Hun, just ignore him."
by H.M. Switz May 22, 2008
The British derogatary nickname for Germans during the two World Wars. Still to be heard at football games.
"I can't believe we got all the way through to the semi-finals, then got knocked out by the Huns! Sneaky bastard Krauts!"
by Eric_Phillips October 08, 2006
Ugly (Result of being hit with an ugly stick.)
Orange (self explanitory)
Twat(A woman's vagina.)
Huns : Look about Glasgow they are there with red white and blue on...... ugly HUNS :)
A great nation who has dominated in the Euroasia and easter Europe for many years. They have genetical ties with Turks and Mongolians. We also can say that they are proto(first)-Turks.
"The scourge of the God Attila" was well-known emperor of Huns.
by Khorasan August 10, 2008

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