A friendly way to call someone. Doesn't have to be specifically romantic in nature, just a caring, kind way of calling someone.
Hey hun, how are you doing?
Congrats on that new job, hun!
by nenawoot September 01, 2010
Top Definition
short for honey, an endearing term
Hey hun, i missed you!
by Dawn June 15, 2002
derogatory word for german or protestant, esp in Northern ireland.
Used to describe rangers football fans.
by roy the roaster November 06, 2003
Dirty, filthy, smelly, bigoted Rangers fan with a huge chip on both shoulders. The sort of person who hates everyone and ironically, any decent person hates them
Horrible, Hun Rangers scum.
by Brenno April 03, 2004
A hun is a dirty smelly orange scumbag bastard that loves to hate and kill catholics for fun and supports the devils spawn and still celebrate that catholic killing horse shaggin poof king billy after all them years ago.
thats basically wat a hun is. there alot worse i just dont have the time to type all the bad things out id be here for years
by Henrik March 04, 2004
Rangers FC or a rangers supporter
aKa SARS - Sad Angry Rangers Supporters
Are we playing the huns on saturday
by Henke Larsson September 30, 2003
Term used for a Rangers supporter. First used by in the judicial deliberation laid down following the infamous rioting of Ranger fans in 1972 after their cup winner cup victory. The judge is known to have said that the fans displayed hun like behaviour (i.e. rioting charging looting not disimilar from Atilla the Hun). The rioting was abhored by the Rangers F.C manager who said β€œIt is to these tikes, hooligans, louts and drunkards that I pinpoint my message – it is because of your gutter-rat behaviour that we Rangers FC are being publicly tarred and feathered . . . ”
I see those Huns were rioting in Manchester, two European finals, two riots. They really are Scotlands Shame!!
by Shea Guevara March 24, 2010
a bigoted soap dodging "peepul". very familiar with beastiality, shagging his daughter when his mum, and 50 sisters are on the rag, shouting no surrender, 1690, can always be seen with the obligitory rangers chain, the usual loyalist tattoos, and with the the obvious body odour it looks like its maybe time their love for Queen and country was repayed with communal showers or maybe if they take the roof off ibrox we can get them all together and blew them to smithereens.
not too many celebrities claim to be huns, just the "peepul" scum of the earth. 26+6= 1
by jp July 14, 2004
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