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The term a female uses when speaking of the person, of the male gender, known since childhood who, is so exciting that at the mere age of five, she instantly feels a sexual attraction.
Humyum walked in, took off his jacket, sat down and the innocent child was mesmerized.
by What a look November 13, 2006
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the idiots who try to run there boat into u on 4th of july when ur trying to watch the fireworks, the hum yums r the reason u cant put ur anchor down because u always have to be on a look out so that u can move ur boat if u see a hum yum. alot of these hum yums r either drunk morons or old blind peaple! so stay clear of them!
there r many many hum yums on lake winnipesaukee
hum yums should die!!!!!!!!
by emobitch September 07, 2006

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