1. rottin leaves fruit or any other organic matter. Generaly used by master gardeners for producing the finest plant.
2.To reach a point in your lifetime when you believe in your own invincibility. Mostly used to describe the feelings of somone or somthuing priour to their own colaps . The belief that you are unstopable. The peak of the volcano in such
1 I need some humus so I can grow a really nice sunflower.

2 The colaps of the roman empire was a direct resault of the cockyness of the emporer. He must have reached his humus
by w9ill May 04, 2007
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Beautiful. Gorgeous.
Steven: Noelle is so humu

James Blunt: You're humu it's true!
by Sthomas9889 September 22, 2010
the blonde pronunciation of "hmu"
going out, humu!
by funinthebush123 April 23, 2011
Humus is degraded organic material in soil.
It can be fucked, because of its good Consistency.

You can also send it as birthday present, it makes always fun.
Have you fucked Humus today? Yes, it was great.
by CBG SUCKS January 12, 2009
A male genital in the arabic language..
Matt, erk, nd Mose, where talkin about zubbies, how Humus is dat?!
by Sheema September 19, 2007
to have sex with another person.
My man Thomas, didnt get any humus..
by andrea21544 August 14, 2007
to have sex with another person.
My man Thomas, aint get no humus from the bunny..
by andrea21544 August 14, 2007

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