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When a male ejaculates prematurely from dry-humping.
"He was dry-humping me for only 5 minutes when he humpty-dumpty'd."
by usefulidiot December 21, 2009
1 3
After humping a chick you dump her as fast as possible.

See "one-nighter"
"I hooked up with this chick and gave her the humpty dumpty."
by Jeff D April 19, 2003
225 53
A word used to adress hot or racy pictures, normally used in plural form: Humpty Dumpties
Kenny: Yo I just got a pic from Jessica!
Jake: Bro what kind of pic?
Kenny:A Humpty Dumpty!
Jake: Damn bro send it to me!
by zero615 March 22, 2011
31 13
Typically a fat person who waddles when they walk.
Look at that Humpty Dumpty!
by The Fate October 16, 2011
23 8
When an obese person puts on skinny jeans and is magically turned egg shaped with stick-like legs.
"I saw this girl at a party and she totally looked like a humpty dumpty"
by dg1189 February 20, 2010
43 31
Having sex with a person and the discarding them in the most expedient manner.
Frank and Lisa were dating for a month or so but the she humpty dumpty 'd him.
by tyrannicaltbagger April 17, 2007
43 33
A sex move; used when you are holding the female in the air while banging her. Just before you are about to cum, you drop the girl on the floor and jizz all over her. You then leave the scene.
Mark: Did you bang that chick I saw you with last night?

Nick: Yeah, but I saw no future in the relationship, so I gave her a Humpty Dumpty and left.
by CompSci2 October 08, 2010
18 12
A cutesy word for sex. Used by couples who have similar pet names for everything else.
Want to have humpty dumpty later?
by chapter34 April 20, 2011
7 4