the act of making a pumpkin
Let's hit the skins and humpkin
by Sir Pinch a Loaf April 24, 2003
Top Definition
One who has a uncontrollable desire to hump any time during the day/night.
1. Kate is my favorite little humpkin.
by djhomeless September 30, 2007
The act of taking a shit on the person while recieving a blowjob.

Comparable to a Blumpkin, but this act involves the poo to go on the person rather than the toilet.
It is a Human blumpkin.... hence, Humpkin

Only people who are disgusting do this lol... It a bit off from a Cleveland Steam Roller
Girl 1: I dont know what to get my bf for his birthday.
Girl 2: Just give him a blumpkin this year.
Girl 1: I did that last year, I need to up it
Girl 2: Give him a humpkin
Girl 1: A what?
Girl 2: Give him a blowjob and instead of him pooing in the toilet he'll poo on you.
Girl 1: That's a great idea!
by Brakim Mahaa December 14, 2010
to cut a small or big circular hole in a pumkin to have sexual intercourse with. For best use leave the pumkin guts in and heat in the microwave.
Once again Todd struck out on Halloween and ended up making sweet love to a humpkin all night long.
by wayne birkman III October 26, 2007
A sex session like a grumpkin in which one sits on a toilet taking a shit while another person gives the shitter a blow job; during a humpkin the grumpkin reciever humps the grumpkin givers face while holding the back of her head; hence HUMPkin.
"My you really humped my face while I was giving you a grumpkin Jimmy."

"Ah yes, cynthia, I did not want you to do all the work my dear. That was a humpkin"
by nick April 07, 2005
The act of receiving a handjob while on the toilet, in the process of pooping.
Everytime I have to shit my girlfriend gives me a humpkin.
by Smiley710 February 01, 2015
The act of giving yourself a handy while taking a glorious dump resulting in Humpkin.
"Fucking woke up to my roommate taking an orgasmic shit in my bathroom. Seriously going, and I quote, "OooOoooOooh OoOh OoooooooooOooOoOoooHhh oh". Had to hit him with the "give yourself a Humpkin in your own bathroom"...he then proceeds to finish and walk out without washing his hands.
by Humpkin September 25, 2014
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